Services offered by CENTRAL-info


Why choose Us

With a broad backing we are able to deliver solutions across many platforms such as mobile, tablet, desktop, server, web systems and even complex multithreaded API’s. Can setup web technologies or software systems that interact with measuring / control of industrial, power, and weather stations.

Custom IoT & Modbus Systems

Modbus, XBEE, Digi.

We utilise our own in-house developed cloud based system for the monitoring/control and alerting of modbus connected PLC's and devices.

PHP Web Applications

Advanced web systems built with Codeigniter

CENTRAL|info regularly implements the Codeigniter framework for scalable custom web applications for high quality, and secure web systems.

High Performance Databases

MySql & PostgreSQL Data Systems.

High performance database systems on MySql and PostgreSQL ensure extreme scaleability and reliability of online data.

Coldfusion Web Applications

CFML on Adobe Coldfusion & Lucee

Full support of enterprise applications developed on the CFML (Coldfusion) programming language. Powered by Lucee or Adobe Coldfusion.

Python Worker Applications

Heavy lifting with Python and Message Queuing

We develop long running worker scripts and cron tasks using python in conjunction with messaging queue systems for heavy processing.

Xamarin Mobile Applications

C# Multi platform mobile applications.

Develop mobile applications using the C# Xamarin framework, and deploy them as native Apple IOS or Android programs on their respective stores.