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Central Information Systems can provide skilled programming and development services for many different languages. Such as but certainly not limited to:

  • Coldfusion ( CFML )
  • PHP
  • Java
  • Javascript
  • Visual Basic

We also work with different programming frameworks like Codeigniter and Laravel in order to deliver the best performing, secure and fast application.

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We love work and development in IoT based space, this is a rapid area of development and is revolutionising the way many businesses are operating. CENTRAL|info can provide services that monitor inputs from different sources connected by different means such as Modbus RTU, Modbus over ethernet, and even wireless technologies such as Zigbee.

Sources such as CT’s ( Current Transformers ), Temperature Sensors, CO2 Sensors can easy be read into computer based systems with the right skill and equipment, and logical steps performed on the sensor input to trigger actions and alerts.

Visualisation of data on website portals and dashboards can also be easily implemented to suit your business case. Monitor critical systems and hold archival data for review and plotting of trends.

At CENTRAL|info we can also implement systems that trigger alerts when sensor input is out of bounds or even trigger remote modbus commands to shutdown/turn on and even limit peak demand via staggering the way equipment turns on or turn off non-critical equipment to prevent excessive peak demand charges.

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At CENTRAL|info we are able to support different database systems such as MS-SQL, MY-SQL and PostgreSQL. For large commercial datasets and high load environments we tend to lean more towards PostgreSQL for its firmer implementation of the SQL standard and open source nature.

Databases can be implemented in a variety of platforms or IaaS senarios such as:

  • On Premises Windows
  • On Premises Linux
  • Azure ClearDB ( MySql )
  • Azure Virtual Machine
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With the advancement of content platforms such as WordPress and graphic designers onboard and ready, CENTRAL|info can deliver outstanding and high quality online corporate presences.

Reach out to your client base with a 100% professional look and feel that inspires confidence and moral.

Enquire now and one of our specialists will guide you through the process in putting your best foot forward online in a digital economy.

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