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Central Information Systems is a technology provider in the supply of custom software solutions to solve challenges faced by business in many different sectors with an aim to aid/improve productivity through structured process and automated interactivity with staff and clientelle.

We have a team of programmers with experience across many programming languages such as Coldfusion, PHP, Java, Visual Basic, JavaScript and can work with many different complex database systems.

With this broad backing we are able to deliver solutions across many platforms such as mobile, tablet, desktop, server, web systems and even complex multithreaded API’s. Can setup web technologies or software systems that interact with measuring / control of industrial, power, and weather stations.

We Thrive On Challenging Projects That Produce Bigger Rewards.

The Right Skill. The Right Solution.

Through skilled support and backing in different programming languages, networked systems, cloud technology, modbus protocol CENTRAL|info can provide the right solution for your business need.

Services @ CENTRAL|info

Web Applications

We can support many frameworks and content management systems.

Web Applications

We’re able to work with many different web application frameworks and content systems such as WordPress, Codeigniter and Laravel.

IoT, Monitoring and Control

Embedded systems, big data and modbus protocols are no problem.

IoT, Monitoring and Control

We have worked with Modbus based PLC and Metering hardware to produce various monitoring, alerting and control systems.

Database Systems

We support My-SQL, PostgreSQL and MSSQL. Big or small databases.

Database Systems

We have worked with a wide range of database systems as well as performance improvement projects reviewing indexing, stored procedures.

Located in Sydney, Australia. With global reach via the internet.